The Incredible EcoTouch
Will Save You Money On Your Water Bills.

EcoTouch Uses Modern Technology To Reduce Water Wastage.

Flooding and the environment are increasing concerns for many people, and there is plenty that can be done in the home to help. A smart tap is a solution that many people are turning to, with EcoTouch being a leading brand.

Because water bills are on the rise, there has never been a better time to control the level you are using and make sure you are not wasting it because of a leak. If any of this is a concern for you, then EcoTouch is the answer.

EcoTouch Is Easy To Use

Some people are put off by the thought of making changes to household items such as their taps. Because it can be attached to your faucet in a matter of seconds, the EcoTouch is one piece of technology that is not only simple to install but easy to use.

If you are still wasting water and money because of your regular system, then you could be using the effortless functions of EcoTouch within minutes of unwrapping. EcoTouch doesn't require professional hands to install. It works on a variety of taps so an Allen key is all you need to get going. Just twist it onto your tap and you can use it in no time.


Once installed, turning the tap as you normally would, does not start the flow. This is what saves you water. You need to press the faucet which starts the flow. You don't even need to touch it after that, the water will turn off by itself.

It is a faucet adapter that can make a big difference to your bathroom or kitchen.


EcoTouch Has An Automatic Timer That Can Benefit Your Home

Using the latest technology can give your home so many conveniences that it is hard to live without them. Imagine being able to control the amount of water you use so nothing is wasted. Now, this is possible.


EcoTouch has an automatic timer that will switch off the tap so you don’t use more water than necessary. This offers a resolution for a problem that many people worry about, flooding. Everyone had made the mistake of leaving the water on for too long, the human error means you can't guarantee that it won't happen to you. EcoTouch makes it easier to avoid issues that can lead to expensive repair works later.

The Allen key is the only tool you need to adjust the settings. You can change how long you want the timer to release water. Turning it clockwise extends the time, whilst anti-clockwise will decrease it.


EcoTouch Saves You Money

A common complaint in modern households is that bills are too high. It isn't always easy to control water wastage, especially when you live with other people. EcoTouch has been proven to save up to 48% of the water in a home which can really have a positive effect on your bills.

It is a cheap tool that offers a smart solution and will end up being great value for money.


EcoTouch Is Customisable

Most people accept that the water from their tap flows in a certain way, which is something they cannot change. You no longer have to live like this thanks to the customizable settings that are easy to amend with EcoTouch.

You can choose from bubble, smooth and straight water flow. This means you can have a different setting in seperate rooms. Your kitchen might require a stronger flow, whereas your bathrooms might benefit from the smoother option which can help to prevent spillage.


EcoTouch Is Long Lasting And Good For The Environment

Because the materials are of high quality, EcoTouch is durable. The brass and chrome plating are built to last, serving your home for a long time.

Even the plastic will stay where it should and help to keep your household as hygienic as possible. Smart taps are useful but they are not as simple to use and can be more expensive. EcoTouch is an easy to set up product, but one that is incredibly effective.


Everyone is concerned about the environment, and water wastage is a big part of this, If you are one of the many people who want to do more for the world and reduce the amount of water you use, then the EcoTouch is a great product.

It can be used at home, or in public if you are a business owner making it a great investment.


EcoTouch Benefits The Whole Family

If you live in a household with young children, then you will know that they can make mistakes. This includes leaving the taps on after washing their hands. If this is a concern of yours or has happened one too many times then EcoTouch is the tool you need.

Tapping on the device activates the water, flowing for the time you have designated, no more, no less. Your children will still find it easy to use, but using excess water will be a thing of the past.


EcoTouch Is A Great Investment

EcoTouch gives you the opportunity to turn your home into a modern, efficient household that is kinder to the environment and fully customisable.

Not only that but because of the savings you will make on your water bills, it will pay for itself in no time. Being able to really control how much water comes out of your tap at any time sounds possible, but only with the use of an expensive tool that is difficult to install.

Thankfully this is no longer the case, all because of EcoTouch.

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