HomeNETIX - a smart remote control that
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This all in one remote system will provide a simple way of controlling your devices from anywhere.

If you are one of the many people who are tired of living without modern conveniences, then HomeNETIX is one of the most useful pieces of technology you can find. Instead of getting annoyed when you can’t fight the right remote, you can have the power to access any smart device, at any time. All thanks to HomeNETIX, you will find the multiple functions make a huge difference to the way you live your life.

If you have tried the competitors but aren't happy with how they perform or are just looking to use the latest technology in your home, then HomeNETIX is the solution you are after.


HomeNETIX: The Easy To Use Smart Remote Control

A regular remote is incredibly limited. It can only do one job, in one place and relies upon your input. The HomeNETIX can be set up to work when you want it to, even when you are not home.

Most people think a smart remote control will be difficult to use, and only has a handful of options. This might be the case for low-quality products, but not with HomeNETIX.


HomeNETIX Is Compatible With Various Devices

Using Cloud Service Technology it allows you to access your devices from anywhere, at any time. You can control your lighting, TV, Air Conditioning, Audio, and more.

HomeNETIX also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to make your house a modern smart home. You can control both from anywhere whilst handsfree so you don't have to stop whatever you are doing to access your devices. It can even be used to change the channel by using your voice, or turn it on whilst you are cooking. HomeNETIX has a 26 ft (8M) range in your home but can also be used when connected to WiFi.

HomeNETIX helps the whole family. Many parents are concerned that their children are watching too much TV. This smart remote control makes it possible to set a time limit.


Control your smart home remotely with HomeNETIX

You can fully customize your home to suit any occasion. By creating scenes you can use HomeNETIX to leave your home the way you want it at certain times of the day. You might want your aircon units to turn off at a certain time in the night, or want your lighting to come on before you get home. Maybe you need to set a timer for your favorite TV show. Everything is possible with this smart remote control.

It alleviates any concerns you might have about home security when you are out. Because you can access your smart lighting remotely, you can make sure it looks as though someone is home. This is possible even when you are not home. Just access the app to set up a timer that can make sure your house is well lit throughout any business trip or holiday. HomeNETIX can also be used to make sure the lights have not been left on when you are away.


The Accompanying App Is Easy To Use

Setting it up is simple thanks to the easy to understand app. Its interface has been tailored to make adding devices effortless and controlling them even easier. For a lot of people, this is one of the best attributes of HomeNETIX.

Every small convenience is possible. If you have just got into bed and forgotten to turn the bathroom light off you can just click a button without having to move when you have HomeNETIX set up in your home.

For many people, a house is not complete without the ability to control all devices with the click of a button. This is why a lot of homes have a HomeNETIX smart remote control in every room.


HomeNETIX Is Great For Pet Owners

A lot of pet owners worry about their cat or dog throughout the day, When you are out at work, it can be difficult to make sure they are comfortable in summer months. HomeNETIX allows you to make adjustments so your pets are not overheating, even if you forgot to turn on the air conditioning before you left for work in the morning.


Anyone Can Benefit From Using HomeNETIX

It really is an all-around piece of technology that can be used by anyone. Because the initial set up is so simple, HomeNETIX can be used by anyone. It is particularly useful for anyone who has a busy lifestyle, or often works late and wants to make sure their home is going to be well lit when they walk through the door.

It is compact, which means it is not intrusive and blends well into any home because of its slick black appearance. HomeNETIX works on 2.4G WiFi making it compatible with most modern households.


For anyone who wants to save on their electricity bills, HomeNETIX offers a solution. Being able to control devices to make sure they are not left on unnecessarily can really help.

The easy to use app means whoever uses it will be living in a smart home in no time. A durable, long-lasting and impressive smart remote control, purchasing couldn't be easier.

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