Print anything anywhere with a blink of an eye and just out of your pocket

If you think that a printer has to be a big bulky box that sits in the corner of a table, then a portable gadget PrintX Pro should change your mind. This handy device is completely wireless, and ideal for printing directly from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
After spending a lot of paper testing PrintX Pro, we think we have some things to say about it. It’s a peculiar tiny printer, no doubt. A pocket-size on. All we knew from the beginning was that we would not need ink or toner to print anything.

Do you know receipts?

Almost all of them are printed using this technique. Applying it for personal uses is a touch of genius, and understandably, most people want a smartphone printer.
However, finding the right one is a problem. Even when you do, they tend to cost too much and aren’t as well-reviewed as one would like.
We thought we got lucky with the PrintX Pro, but now, we think it was less about luck and simply all about a product made by a company that cares about your experience.

Unboxing the PrintX Pro

We didn’t plan on reviewing the PrintX Pro, so we bought another one to properly unpack it for you.

Inside, you will find:

The printer

A Micro USB charging cable

A user manual

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The iOS & Android compatible printer has an on/off button and the outlet from which the printed material comes out. On the side, you will see the Micro USB port to charge the gadget. You can connect the device to a computer using a regular USB cable and use it the same way you would use a regular printer.
You can open the printer case to see where the thermal head and the platen are located. Loading paper is easy.

What’s it Like Using the PrintX Pro?

Novelty items can be underwhelming sometimes, but even though PrintX Pro has all the makings of a gimmick, it sure doesn’t feel like a joke. The user experience is great because it’s easy to use. To turn it on, you only need to press the power button wherever you may be, and voila, you have a memories printer to spit out whatever you need to remember.

To connect to it, all one has to do is:

Have the app ready

Load it with paper

Turn it on

Get printing from the app

You can toggle between resolution levels to get the quality you like as well.
The PrintX Pro prints out grayscale images and photos, but the results are not what you would get from a regular printer, and we think that is fine. The printer wasn't made for such things anyway. However, it can print out photos if you want it to, and then you can judge for yourself whether they are up to scratch.
As for the printing speed, you only have to wait for a second for it to spit out a centimeter of paper.
Shipping directly from the factory.

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What would you use PrintX Pro for?

We started very simple. We saw a thing and bought it. We had some idea what it did but not what we could use it for. So, where would even apply this gadget?
Thermal Label Printer is a cool name for the PrintX Pro because you can use it to make labels. We printed:


Shopping lists


Functional QR codes

You can use the mobile app to print out labels and graphics of all kinds that you can use to make things look better or just to label them. There is an app for both iOS and Android accompanying the gadget so that you can tell it what to print. The gadget is not just a Bluetooth sticky labels printer if you are creative enough. You can make many creative things using the papers which come in vibrant colors.
You can also get sticker paper if you want to print something to stick on a suitable surface.

Why should you get a PrintX Pro?

It’s a neat gadget, offering convenience that nothing else has. Let’s see in detail:

A Great Build

The PrintX Pro is made from durable material that is resistant to breaking. It is light without sacrificing build quality. It also cute to look at and would make a great gift for your family or friends.

Great Fonts

Using the app, you can select fonts and themes to make your creations better and more colorful. All you have to do is connect your phone to the printer via Bluetooth and start printing whatever you like.


Compared to more stablished brands, PrintX Pro offers you a superb product that delivers what it promises, without breaking the bank.

Ease of Use

All you need to do to use the PrintX Pro thermal printer, is charge it, turn it on, connect it to your phone or PC (with the relevant driver installed) and start printing.

The bottom line of getting a PrintX Pro

Let’s start with the fact that it is an inkless portable Bluetooth thermal printer. You have used regular printers enough not just to hate those clunky unreliable pieces of frustration but to know that ink is always a requirement. Don't you just hate it when the printer goes like 'you need Cyan' or some absurd color in order to print a black and white page?
Well, forget about the ink. This is about the heat and the special paper that is sensitive to the heat.
It’s a pocket printer. That means you can take it just about anywhere without having to worry about logistics. You can print whatever you want, wherever you are, at a moment’s notice, without having to worry about setting up anything.
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Print anything anywhere with a blink of an eye and just out of your pocket