When the world is in crisis or you just want to be as hygienic as possible, SmartSanitizer Pro just might be the thing to save your life

More effective than a lot of the competition, it kills germs on your smartphone fast.

Key Points

UV technology means you can clean your devices in an odorless and chemical-free way

Incredibly fast compared to the competition

Stops the spread of harmful germs and bacteria


With the world changing so fast, hygiene has never been more important than it is now. Even after washing your hands thoroughly, your smartphone can harbor germs and bacteria for hours. Because it is rare for anyone to spend more than a couple of hours away from their phone, there must be a solution to killing germs on your device.

This is where SmartSanitizer Pro comes in. Using the latest technology available, it eliminates virtually every type of bacteria to leave your phone safe to use. Read on to find out why it is fast becoming one of the most popular products.


Easy to Use

Keeping your smartphone free from germs couldn’t be easier. There is no mess involved with using SmartSanitizer Pro and there are also no harsh chemicals to worry about. This is good because using too many strong chemicals can be detrimental to your health in other ways.

Instead, SmartSanitizer Pro uses UV technology. At a wavelength of 254 nm, the light attracts organisms before destroying 99.99% of harmful DNA. With no pollution or chemicals to worry about, you can use it as much as you like, on as many items as you can think of to keep your home and belongings hygienic.


All you have to do is plug it in via USB making it convenient and easy to clean no matter where you are. Use a power bank, USB socket in a laptop or a charger to clean your device.


Fast Protection

Cleaning your household items can take a while. Usually, you might have to put certain belongings through a hot wash (obviously not your smart devices) or continually wipe them clean.

Because of its fast operation, SmartSanitizer Pro is incredibly convenient. It takes just 6 minutes to kill 99.99% of germs on a device. It is odorless, colorless and works faster than the competition.


Energy Efficient

A lot of non-chemical cleaning products tend to either take a long time to work, or they use a lot of energy.

With this in mind, the people behind SmartSanitizer Pro have ensured their device switches off after each cycle. This means you get the full 6 minutes of optimal medical-grade UV light and not a second more. This can save you money on your electric bills and is kinder on the earth.


Incredibly Effective

Even a hand sanitizer cannot boast the level of protection of a quality UV Smartphone Sanitizer. Most require you to worry about that extra 1 or 2 % of germs that they leave behind.

This is where SmartSanitizer Pro excels. Not only is it reliable, but it kills 99.99% of bacteria and germs on your smartphone. Because of this, many of us cannot afford to go about our lives without such a device.

Being able to eliminate the spread of bacteria through your smartphone can help save a loved one's life. Germs are sensitive to UV and heat making this the ideal way of eliminating germs and stopping the spread of influenza and other illnesses.


So Many Uses

The slick design of SmartSanitizer Pro means it might look great but it isn’t only designed to work with smartphones. It’s rise to popularity has come as a result of its versatility.

Many people use it as a Jewellery Sanitizer. However, there are many uses for SmartSanitizer Pro so you can protect and clean your glasses, toothbrush, underwear, baby toys, Bluetooth earphones keys, and a lot more.


Smart Design

No one likes to carry bulky gadgets around with them as they take up a lot of room and don't look so easy on the eye. The slick design of SmartSanitizer Pro ensures it doesn’t look out of place when you plug it into your laptop or charger.

Also, the convenient size means you can put it into the bottom of your bag and get on with the sterilization of your devices wherever you are.


No Confusing Settings

Because there is one effective function, SmartSanitizer Pro doesn’t require lots of buttons and difficult to understand instructions to clean your smartphone using UV technology.

It couldn’t be simpler which will please every member of the family. When the power is on, just close the device and a red light will flash to indicate that the UV technology is working.


After 6 minutes, the red light will stop flashing but remain on to signify that the process has finished and your belongings are clean.

This means you can help an elderly family member by cleaning their items and keeping them safe. Because they are the most vulnerable, this is vital.

SmartSanitizer Pro comes with everything you need to make your life more hygienic. With a USB cable and the UV smartphone sanitizer, you can help to prevent the spread of harmful illnesses and keep your belongings clean.

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